Yoga Classes without the Clothes
There is nothing wrong in a state of nudity. It shows that we are comfortable with our body.  It can help us to understand ourselves better.  What could be a better way to understand our self than to participate in yoga classes without our clothes?

Yoga is the ancient Indian art to unite and harmonize the body and the mind. This practice helps us to co-ordinates the materialistic desires of humans with spirituality. All this and more can be attained through certain classes of yoga that are held without clothes.

The ancient yogi would perform the various asana and meditation in complete isolation. The yogi would wander off to the forests and other places where no one would interfere and he could completely relax and concentrate on his goal of attaining Moksha, or salvation.

When performing meditation the yogi would wear only essential clothing. Yoga postures and yoga poses require tremendous flexibility. When we are comfortable with our  bodily selves, we can move and exercise easily. It really does not matter if we are wearing or not wearing clothes. Yoga also focuses on clearing our mind, through deep breathing exercises or pranayama. It becomes more challenging, when in the nude, as we have to try  to clear the mind of perverted thoughts.

Yoga classes that are held without clothes help us become more comfortable with our nudity. People from different occupations, racial and cultural backgrounds come at these classes. Therefore, it becomes a very enriching experience to meet and interact with people from such diverse backgrounds. Remember that you are not walking the ramp, but are taking part in yoga classes. It really does not matter if you do not have a body like Brad Pitt.