Some Yoga Props That You Can Make At Your Home
Yoga props are the best way to customize different yoga asanas to you energy levels. They can help you easily do even the most difficult of yoga poses and can also increase the difficulty levels of various asanas. They are easily available in various exercise equipment stores. However, it might cost a small fortune to buy these rather simple looking machines. Hence, it is best to make them on your own.

Yoga props are very simple to construct. However, they may not be as light weight as the ones available in the market. To make them, all you need is a piece of wood cut in a 3x5.5x9 inch size, wood saw, tape measure, sand paper, blankets and towels, 2 old fabric belts with double-ringed buckles, sewing machine, and a piece of crown molding of size 24x3.5x1 inch. Follow the steps given below to make different yoga props.

Prop 1- Using a sand paper, smooth out a 3x5.5x9 inch piece of wood block. Though it may be crude to look at, it can still perfectly serve your purpose. As far as its look is concerned, you can give it a more professional finish by applying wood varnish to it when it is complete.

Prop 2- Yoga straps are really effective yoga props. You can make these at your home with the help of some old fabric belts. These are easily available in the house or can be bought at throwaway prices from a second hand store. While there are many types of belts available, those with a double-ringed buckle are the best. Also, take care that you purchase two of these belts and sew them together. This is to be done because yoga straps available in the market are generally longer than these standard belts.

Prop 3- You can replace professionally made and expensive yoga bolsters and cushions with home-made ones. The material can be locates in your house’s linen closet. The simplest thing that you can use to make a pose is a blanket. You can fold into the required size and thickness and use it to prop up your body. Towels of different sizes can be used if the prop required is small in size.

Prop 4- Yoga wedges can give a lot of support to your wrists during back bends and balancing of arms. It is usually an extended piece of curved wood which helps lessen the pain in your wrist. You can easily make it at your home. However, since curved wood is not easily available, you can make use of smooth crown molding. These are easily available at any local hardware store.

To make a wedge, you need a 24 inch long, 1.5 inch wide and 1 inch thick piece of smooth crown molding. To remove sharp edges, you need to smoothen it out using a sand paper. Varnish it in order to give it a finished look.